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"Leviathan" - Chapter 1

I have written a fic!


Ok, so yes... let me meditate a moment on what I want to call it.


There we go.

(I got the inspiration for THIS fic while looking at the lovely SGA screensaver available on their official site at SciFi.com)


Title: "Leviathan"
Author: octobersend
Rating: PG (for later content, or just to be safe)
Status: in progress
Category: McKay-centric fic, post "Underground" pre "Home"
Summary: The scientists discover a submarine room that allows them to explore the ocean... but what will they find?

Spoilers: one for "Underground"
Main Chars: Weir, McKay, Zelenka
Pairing: none

"Leviathan" - Chapter 1

Elizabeth Weir thought that, finally, she would have peace for one day. The sun was high in the clear, cloudless expanse above that mirrored the darkened, glass-like waters far below. Not a wind stirred the surface except for the perpetual soft breath of air that blew through the towers and turrets of the city, causing a gentle whisper that made the city seem always alive, always ready to reveal some new secret. That was what she loved about the place- it had an aloof air of mystery... as though it knew it was jealously keeping secrets from those who yearned after them. Every day brought some level of excitement, adventure, and wonder into her life, and every day she grew more in love with the cool climate, the fresh, salt-tinged air, and the beautiful sunrises she was partial to watching on the balcony outside the control room.

As she stood there, elbows bent and resting her slight frame on the rail, she let the hot cup of Athosian tea in her hands give off steam and cool down slowly. It would be a few minutes before she dared to drink it- she had learned that the hard way. "Much like we all do," she mused aloud, to no one in particular. She gave a slow, deep sigh. Although the city was enchanting and wonderous, it had its downfalls. Yes, they learned the hard way at least once a day that they were the new kids on the block - no one in this galaxy had to like them... the Genii had made that clear; that the Wraith were everywhere, seemingly haunting their very steps and even leaping a few ahead at times; and that a city millions of years old was prone to sudden breakdowns in systems if it was not maintananced properly. It was hard running the whole operation, especially when at times it seemed so absurd that it might as well be a circus. But it wasn't... things were smoothing themselves out. Finally. And Weir thought she would get some long needed rest.

She thought wrong.

The doors slid open, and out burst the two top scientists at Atlantis, gasping and huffing for air as they jostled each other's elbows and ran towards Elizabeth. She groaned and looked wistfully at the cup of tea, still barely steaming, and then back at the two childish men standing before her. Both were very red in the face, very winded, and obviously very excited.

But about what?... Elizabeth wondered briefly before the one on the left burst out with a wave of babble.

"...incredible... discovery... a submarine chamber of sorts... it goes at least a hundred feet down... deep... looks like its for observation..."

"Whoa, Rodney, slow down... What happened?"

The Canadian looked taken aback, perhaps at the fact that he had not been understood, and took a breath to explain again. The Czech next to him held up a hand and shook his head. McKay's eyes widened, but before he had a chance to protest, the other had begun to speak.

"Please, if I may explain... Dr. Weir, we have made a most amazing discovery, as Rodney has elaborated on... While scanning the virtual maps in the city's main memory system for... ah, for a ventilation system, we came across the plans for the sublevels."

"We have sublevels?" Weir said, her brow furrowing.

Zelenka nodded. "One or two, maybe three at the most-"

"Yes, very interesting, but what we found that was of real interest," McKay interjected, "was a submarine spire, that is a continuation of one of the transporter shafts, that reaches at least one hundred feet down into the ocean. At the end of the shaft is a small room of some sort... we weren't really able to ascertain much else-"

"-It's below the main northern arm of the city-"

"-Perhaps a hidden generator room-"

"-not sure if the transporter there is in service-"

"-should send a team there to see-"

"-might be able to see more about the surrounding environment-"


The two scientists cut off in mid-sentence, mouths slightly open and fingers raised in the act of making a point. Zelenka cleared his throat and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, for they had slid down due to the sweat that dampened his face. Weir thought for a moment on how far they must have run from the labs to find her, and let another sigh escape from her lips. This must really be something, if they had bothered to run. Neither one was much for speedy moving, unless it involved something scientific or edible. She rubbed the hollows of her eyes slowly, and set the cup of tea on the rail. McKay bit his lip, looking very much like a little boy who was bursting to tell a secret.

"Be in the conference room in one hour. Every normal person who actually sleeps at night will probably be up by then." McKay and Zelenka nodded, looking slightly put off as they turned to leave. They began to talk rapidly to each other about transporters and submarine laboratories, both gesticulating with their hands and walking at a pace that most would find hard to keep up with without breaking into a jog. Weir held back a chuckle. This city was a literal treasure box for those two, the "dynamic duo" of the scientists, as they were frequently referred to- though not to their face. McKay preferred to be seen as one who did his work alone, and always seemed to jump to attention every time someone caught him having a somewhat "normal" conversation with the Czech... but that wasn't often.

He doesn't seem to be one for idle conversation, does he? A bit of a loner...

"Dr. Weir?" She turned around to see Grodin standing in the doorway. "Are you alright?"

She smiled. "Yes, of course. Just trying to wake up." The fact was, though, she had never gone to sleep. She had planned to catch a few winks around midday, after the morning briefings of Sheppard's teams before they were sent out. "Oh, no..."

Grodin smiled apologetically. "I'm guessing you remembered you had a briefing for Sheppard right now?"

"Right now?"

"It's almost 0800 hours, Doctor."

"I thought it was 0700..." she trailed off. Lack of sleep was finally taking it's toll on her.

"Should I tell them you'll be a little late?"

"No," came the hurried response. Weir smiled wanly at the Briton, and then said, "I'll be right there."

"Okay." He started to go back inside, but stopped. "Dr. Weir, are you feeling well? Lately you've been a little pale looking, and... well, you look stressed."

Ha... stress? You don't even know... Weir shook her head. "It's ok, Peter. I just got up a little too early today, that's it. Nothing this cup of tea won't fix. Thankyou for asking, though." Obviously my feareless leader mask is slipping... I wonder if anyone else has noticed I'm a little less than up to speed?

The man nodded and left. Alone once more, Weir turned and lean on the balcony, this time resting her face lightly in her hands. A breeze stirred her hair and gently blew across her neck. Simon... she thought, smiling briefly, but then let it fade. That was just what she needed, to remember Simon on top of all of this. If that didn't push her over the edge, she didn't know what would.

"Another time, another place, another world," she said quietly, picking up the tea, and finally taking a sip.

It was cold by now.

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