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Help needed!

Hi guys! This is my first time posting in some communities, and for that I'm sorry. (Introduces self : "Hi, I'm A.K., and I have a McKay addiction problem." "Hi, A.K.!")

I have a problem! Stargate : Atlantis, Season 1 is being reaired tomorrow allllll day, and for that I am infinitly grateful. Unfortunately, thats where my infinite gratefulness ends. I will only be home on Friday for the first half of the day, seeing episodes which I have already seen this year. Why haven't I seen the last half of the season? I am a very, very bad squee-ing fangirl. The second half of the school year was the beginning of my pre-cal class, and math is infinitly harder for me than it should be for anyone. :-/ I did not keep up with watching SGA.

Soooo, looking here at the Sci-Fi schedule, I will be out of pocket on Friday for these episodes : "The Storm", "The Eye", "Before I Sleep", and "The Brotherhood". I can catch the last four when they come on later in the night.

What am I asking?

Could anyone tape these episodes for me and upload them so that I could watch them? I have looked everywhere on the Internet for those sites where you can download episodes, but to no avail. :(

If it is too much trouble, I understand! But I would appreciate any help I can get- maybe you can point me to a site I might've overlooked.

Like I said, any help is appreciated, and I certainly hope to be more active in these communities now that summer is here!

Thanks muchly,

(P.S. - Please post replies on my regular journal (octobersend) so I can have them all in one place, thankyou!)
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